Practice Areas

Real Estate Default

The Law Offices of Richard A. Green offers a full range of default services. We take a proactive approach to maximize results.  Foreclosures are addressed with efficiency and attention to detail. Title problems and other obstacles are quickly diagnosed and corrected so that the client's deadlines are met.  When in the best interests of our clients, we will quickly and effectively implement alternative approaches including forbearance agreements, loan modifications, short sales and deeds in lieu of foreclosure. If necessary, we can pursue eviction so that clients are put in possession quickly and inexpensively.  We also offer timely and cost efficient asset disposition services such as ordering, reviewing and clearing title, deed preparation, coordination of closings, document review and fund disbursement.


Our mission is to protect the interests of our clients and maximize the return on their investments and property.  Whether asking for stay relief or evaluating a complex reorganization plan, care is always taken to provide clients with a road map of alternatives so that a prudent and cost-effective approach is taken.  We have years of experience in counseling mortgage holders, secured creditors, equipment lessors, unsecured creditors and landlords under all chapters of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code and have extensive experience practicing in all bankruptcy courts. 

Collateral Recovery/Consumer and Commercial Collection

The Law Offices of Richard A. Green has a track record of effectively assisting its clients in the recovery of collateral and leased property, including the enforcement of floor plan financing.  In cases where a loan secured by collateral goes into default, we understand that time is of the essence.  We have extensive experience in the recovery of automobiles, manufactured homes, commercial vehicles, equipment and machinery.  The firm works with law enforcement agencies and a statewide network of licensed and bonded court officers to locate and recover collateral and leased property either though prejudgment orders or final judgments for possession.

The firm is also experienced in the collection of commercial, retail and consumer debts.  Our clients include commercial lenders, financial institutions, credit card companies, private schools and other businesses.  We aggressively pursue the collection of debts for our clients, while strictly adhering to all laws and regulations applicable to debt collectors and law firms. The goal of our attorneys, complemented by our dedicated support staff, is to efficiently collect unpaid debts through the application of asset locating software and databases and focused post-judgment procedures.  Clients are frequently updated so that they are apprised of all material developments at every stage of a case.

Litigation and Defense

Our firm is skilled in all aspects of civil litigation. We thoroughly immerse ourselves in the subject matter of all cases with which we are entrusted and quickly master the facts and applicable law.  We are seasoned trial lawyers with solid track records.  The firm’s litigation practice is comprehensive, including commercial litigation, real estate litigation, creditor's rights, lender liability, civil appeals, title insurance claims, insurance disputes, warranty claims, banking, breach of contract, corporate disputes and securities fraud. The firm’s reputation for excellence in litigation is grounded upon our ability to formulate, implement, and execute creative and aggressive legal strategies designed to obtain timely and cost-effective results.

Other Areas of Practice

The Law Offices of Richard A. Green also provides the following services:

Real Estate:
We represent individuals and businesses in their acquisition and sale of real estate from negotiations through closing, including the drafting and review of documentation such as purchase agreements, loan documents, land contracts and conveyancing instruments.  We are also well-versed in the preparation and review of both commercial and residential leases.

Contract Negotiations:
We believe in understandable, enforceable contracts. Our extensive experience in reading the fine print and solving potential contract problems protects our clients and saves them money.

Estate Planning:
Our firm prepares estate plans that ensure that our client's objectives are met in the event of a disability or death through careful planning and the adept use of powers of attorney, patient advocacy documentation, wills and trusts. 

If a family member dies with or without a will, we can guide you through the probate process and make the resolution of the estate run smoothly and efficiently, including collecting the assets, liquidating liabilities, paying taxes, distributing assets and attending probate court proceedings.